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Adaptive HALO Music (Ultimate Standalone Mod)

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Hello all and welcome to another installment of my Adaptive music mod packs. This time the Theme is halo and it has more than you think. Over 350 different songs and variations of Halo OST from all the halos 1 thru 4 to make your game play even better.

This mod is designed to be an adaptive experience giving the right music at the right time (as much as ARMA programming goes). You will be able to start out with some low key tracks and then some hyped-up songs when in combat and revert back. Since there is so many different songs in this, expect some randomness in the choices

This mod has been originally created as a map script by Niklas Brettschneider and has been sitting on my hard drive for years. I have made this mod completely independent of any map scripting and will work on any singleplayer or multiplayer scenario.


For the people who are familiar with the music description HUD from the first installment, I have it turned off so the debug box error is gone.

This mod will give you the following moods:

- Day and night time playsets.
- Fog playset when player enters fog levels over 30% (Set to be like swamp-music like on the one mission start on halo 1 or something erie). If fog is greater than rain, this will play.
- Rain playset when player encounter rain levels over 50%
-Scuba diving playset when player gets lower than 5 meters below water.
- Enter any vehicle and get a non-combat playset for driving.
- Boats, and submarines (I have a limited amount of songs to work with)
- Helicopters (parachutes are following this playset as thats what their vehicle type is.)
- Planes (There might be gun shot detection problems with these causing combat to not trigger.)
- Skydiving playset. (Activates when you fall from 100 meters above any surface)
- Combat playsets for on foot and in vehicles. (So get away songs are a thing if someone is firing at you :O)
-Fog combat on foot is a new combat playset. (I basically set this as a flood attack music. when fog is at or over 30%



- I had to downsample the audio for 1 to reduce the overall file size. 2, hopes to not have any issues from people on the kind of music used and where it came from. All audio is not created by me and is respectfully owned by their composers. I respectfully ask to not resell any of the audio included in this mod.

- This mod does have a server key, I am new to keying my mods, so if it is causing issues report the bugs to me in the bugs section or report to my discord listed below.

- This varient is using a new song selection system to make adding songs more easier. I will be incorporating this into the other mods I made.

- Using this mod for your unit is fully accepted and approved.

Subscribe or download the mod:


Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2266948309


Armaholic: TBD




Want to follow my progress?

To follow my progress of the mod and what I plan to do, follow my main version of this mod. I do have a blank mod download for you to create your own adaptive music pack which can be found on the mod pages below!

Adaptive Music (Standalone Mod): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105618121
Adaptive Music No HUD (Standalone Mod): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105629270

Come join in on the Adaptive music hub discord


Thanks to the people for encouraging support with this project!

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