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Does Texture Merging still work in Object Builder?

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Having found a cache of old weapon models on an old HDD I've been tinkering with them to try and bring them up to Arma standards more for nostalgia's sake really. They use several smaller textures and in a bid to save memory I've been attempting to merge these smaller textures into one larger texture. I'm also trying to save myself time so I don't have to manually re-UV-map each texture.

I've found some old .PTM files on the same HDD that I've used to merge textures like this in the past - However, when I edit and attempt to use the PTM file I simply get an error in Object Builder saying "Error reading PTM file"

I was wondering if this function is still supported in Object Builder (as I haven't used it since the OFP/Arma days back when it was 'Oxygen') and if anyone had a functioning PTM file to use as a base as the old formatting seems to throw errors.

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