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GTX Gaming Server - how to update mods?

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Hi Chaps


I had a quick scan around but didn't spot any answers (just drop a link here if there is already an answer I missed of course);


Got the server running, 21 mods in total, but after a day there have been some updates to mods. For example CUP_Weapons has gone from 1.16.0 to 1.16.1


Clients all have 1.16.1 but server is still on 1.16.0 even after shutting down the server and using the "Steam Update" option in GTX Gaming control panel. I assume that only updates the base game and not workshop mods.


Any idea what would be the easiest way to update the mods server-side? It's only a minor inconvenience at the moment, a couple of rifle scopes that won't work now due to mis-matched mod versions, but over time of course it will become more of a problem until I can update the mods.

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