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ArmA3 server issues

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Disclaimer: I've never learn stuff about IT and server, so please excuse my ignorance about this subject.


My team has recently setup a new server in China, Guangzhou. Since we have multiple player living outside the firewall, we decide to setup two internet for our server: a international line to HongKong and a normal internet line.

But our server cannot run two line at the same time, running the HK line will cause intense desync/high ping issue to users inside the firewall. But running the mainland line will cause intense desync for me only (living in HK).

It's weird that I have 27 ping with no package loss when pinging the server but still suffer intense rubber-banding/desync.

Also, when the server enables connection with both line (different IP), everyone can only find and connect to the HK line IP.


p.s. I have a friend also from HK with the same internet provider, optical fiber 1000m, but without any desync issue. A member from Canada also report there's no desync issues on his side

p.p.s. My internet is a 1000m optical fiber internet, with a LAN line connecting directing to my computer, my computer works fine with a stable 30FPS@max settings

p.p.p.s. Our server is owned and setup by one of our member.


Question1: how to setup a server that can connect with both line (HK intl&mainland)(player can connect to the same server via two IP address) 

Question2: how to I stop this desync issue?

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