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Some new mechanics for coop/sp campaign and mission

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Good day to all.
I'm the creator of Overthrow WW2 sandbox campaign.
It took almost a year to complete, and I wanted to make a pure resistance-oriented campaign in modern theme, but I've realized that I will not be able to create it alone, so I'm about to finish with A3 modding. And I decided to offer some of my work to community.
The current working mechanics, which could be useful for sandbox missions/campaigns:
- Realistic radio system for AI (currently adjusted for WW2 assets, but can be configured for any radio system)
- The most advanced camo system

- AI scripts for paradrops and bombing runs
There are many other interesting features, but it is mostly related to the mod core, so you can read about most of it in the "about" section of Discord channel.


About the modern version.

There are also some working mechanics for:
- Fully automated scripted system for aircrafts (carrier + airfield)

- Virtualization system for convoys


It would be great if such unique mechanics could be used and improved.

If you have questions about it, you can ask me at Discord - it is more comfortable for me to answer there, as I'm not a frequent visitor here.

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