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APEX campaign missions not running

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I am running a vanilla ArmA game without any mods loaded and I am unable to play APEX campaign neither in SP mode or in MP mode.

After launching a solo game or a (LAN) server I am just getting a loading screen with mission description with picture, I hear "sound of the sea" like there is an empty world loaded, and the loading gets stuck.
After I press "escape", the game shows a multiplayer lobby for a brief moment and then it shows loading screen for another mission which also gets stuck. After pressing "escape" key a couple times it just gets me to title screen.


Any other campaign or scenario in SP works normally.
In MP when I host any game I am unable to choose any slot.

I can join official servers on the other hand, (when BattleEye is on).

What might be the problem here? Has anyone had such an issue?


Thank You for Your help,

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