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Can't change tank shell type

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Hi! Long time no see everyone.

I am posting this topic since I have a strange problem.

Basically I can't switch to HE or HEAT etc. while serving as tank gunner. It just doesn't appear on the left panel (switch to commander, engine on\off, etc.)

Screenshot Below



I have uninstalled ArmA3 some time ago and made a fresh reinstall a couple of days ago and it is happening since that moment.

I am only using ACE mod and compat configs, RHS, JSRS + Blastcore and some maps. I did check it by running the game in vanilla mode (no mods) and it still happens. The funny thing is that sometimes the option for change ammo type suddenly appears but I am not sure if it is caused by any key combination or what. I have checked the controls and ACE options and I don't see anything that could lead me to finding out what is going on.

I was checking different key combinations "ctrl+f/g" etc.


I am not also sure if a similar topic exists here, did check and don't see anything.

It would be awesome if you guys help me since an armoured event is incoming for my clan and I don't want to go through another reinstall process.

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