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autorotation help

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I am replaying the game and feeling a bit rusty and i wanna complete autorotation tutorial. I did it somehow in past, but now i don't even. You have to fly in wind direction, but wind direction arrow on the gauge shows opposite direction, than where landing surface is. And i checked manual and there is only that arrow shows wind direction and nothing more, so i suppose it is correct. But thats is opposite what they want me to do. How i am supposed to do that than. Also my vertical speed drops down to quickly, i guess it is because wind direction is wrong, dunno. 


Also sometimes collective lowers automatically and sometimes you have to do it manually, which makes it harder and there is long time before you can repeat it.

Also after i am given controls i have feeling helicopter start to descend to quickly and losing my initial speed, before i can do anything. I don't know how much i have fps and controls are a little bit laggy no matter what fps.

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