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Can someone (one of the devs or a mod) please explain in more detail exactly what is going on with the Antenna. It was mentioned in the official Xbox Club Forums with you guys saying you are aware that is currently showing up as building materials instead of crowns, and you said that it is saying per hour instead of per day. You go on to tell us not to worry we are still getting our crowns. You haven't mentioned the change in the amount you earn that is shown. Example, my Lvl.2 Antenna says ill get 0.15 crowns per hour, and the max I could get at Lvl.13 is 0.27 but the per hour is supposed to be per day.

So here I am asking for a more detailed explanation in regards to the amounts shown. Seen as you say "don't worry your still getting your crowns" and this could be interpreted many ways for example the amount of 0.15 at lvl.2 up to a max of 0.27 at lvl.13 is what I can now expect to earn per day. I hope this is not the case and the whole thing is bugged out, with the amount earned being incorrect (that you have not mentioned in you post on this issue) along with the incorrect materials and per hour that you informed your player base about.

Please answer this post promptly as I'm sure I am not the only player wondering about this.

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