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Deadly Islands mod - Manta Droid Cockpit texture swap

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I wrote this down here for my own benefit as a reminder but here goes.


I prefer the canopy of the Mantas to have more of a 'droid' look since I play the game from a commander's perspective at a console on the carrier. Meaning that all units; Mantas, Droids and Walruses are actually drones. What this basically does is change the manta cockpit texture from a glass look to something more droideka. 🙂


For those who like it open the following file:  vehicles.h   in notepad ++ and find the following line:



in my vehicles.h file file it starts at line 1679 with the following: MAN_COCGL - manta cockpit glass entry


material "obj/vehicles/Manta/man_cocgl": Generic

the complete part is this:


material "obj/vehicles/Manta/man_cocgl": Generic
	cull ccw
	sort translucent
	receiveshadow true
	surfparm nomarks
	surfparm glass
	diffusemap "obj/vehicles/manta/man_cocgl_ca"
	normalmap "obj/vehicles/manta/man_cocgl_ns"
	specular $nmapalpha
	speculartint "1 1 1 1"
	specularbias 1
	specularpower 0.86
	envmap $nearestcube
	reflection $nmapalpha
	reflectiontint "0.715896 0.731506 0.962536 1"
	fresnel 0.25
	blendmode alphablend
	zwrite false
	tcmod scale 0 0 3 3 

now change all the follwing instances containing man_cogl - between the brackets to the following and you're good to go:


material "obj/vehicles/Manta/man_cocgl": Generic
	castshadow true
	receiveshadow true
	surfparm metal
	diffusemap "obj/structures/tiles/metal_tech_stripes_co"
	asmap "obj/structures/tiles/metal_tech_stripes_as"
	normalmap "obj/structures/tiles/metal_tech_stripes_no"
	specular $nmapalpha
	specularpower 0.72 


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