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D. Patterson

Players stuck on first map/picture screen. (AWS EC2 Dedi)

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.RPT: https://pastebin.com/VYTk9FPG

Server_Config.cfg: https://pastebin.com/PqDUMF4t

start.bat: arma3server_x64.exe  -port=2302 -config=Server_Config.cfg -profiles=C:\ArmA3\Users -name=Server

Server is AWS EC2 Instance (Tried m5.large, m4.large, c4.large, z1d.large)

OS is Windows Server 2012 RC2, Hardware is 16gb RAM, 1 core / 2 vcore Intel Xeon

Network is 10Gbps 


So since EC2 is pay per hour, I got my server up and running on a t2.medium (Cheap 1 core/2 vcore 4gb instance). However once it was up and running I swapped the instance to a m5.large which is the same core config (just faster), more RAM, and better network allotment.   

However, while everything should remain the same, when a player tries to connect they get stuck on the map loading screen. I've already gone through the basic troubleshooting steps (Removed all mods, keys, removed custom mission cycle, verified 2302-2306 UDP were open on host firewall and windows firewall), even tried letting it connect for an hour. Nothing seems to work and there are no obvious errors.

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