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Broken hitboxes teamkilling and suggestions

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Many times an opponent will be in a bush and the reticle is on the guy and I pop off so many shots and miss all of them but he can shoot out of the bush and damage me. I know this wasn't the full auto firing glitch that doesn't render shots and the sound effect for shooting happens. My friends said he heard me shooting, when the previous glitch happens only the shooter in question can hear gunshots. I think what happens is the shots hit the bush and get deletes as if it hits a structure.   


          Make teamkilling not allow your guilty teammate to loot your body and that you get your items you *entered with* back when you load in to the shelter. You would click a button and give your friend the option to loot your body. The killed person should have to click a  menu drop down and scroll to *team kill looting* and click the no button next to it to make it yes or a second time to make it yes again. This would make it hard to accidentally give the looting privelage to the person deemed guilty under the victims judging.  Also have the closing action of the dropdown be the "confirm button".Also to avoid exploiting and duplication in game have it so if the *team kill looting* is set to yes,the victim will not receive their weapons in returning to shelter.Also give the guilty player a notification upon change of looting abilities.this notification shall not be a screenblocker. 


        -    Remove auto unprone for certain areas crawled onto or into  

        -    fix full auto  firing glitch like previously stated above 

        -    fix constant aiming when button is released 

        -    fix graphics issues specifically bright lights rendering you blind 

        -    fix poor loot button showup that force you to loot from an undesired position 

        -    some mushroom spawns are difficult to grab 

        -    add loot to the deer feeder they can be opened but no items inside

        -    add a report player option and gameplay recording and from and add it to the report to back up the report 

        -    lessen the tablesaw  sound effect volume when collecting  wood from it 

        -    Increase muzzle speed  of the VSS Vintorez or decrease drop speed by a little bit 

        -    properly fix  rate of fire of the *Machinegewehr 3* to its actual firing speed 

        -    fix rapid twitching of characters body when moving through water ( graphics change Not needed) ,

        -    make the street signs in shooting challenges require  less hits to break or increase time for gold medal

        -    reduce crashes and server timeouts  I  understand the difficulty in finding and fixing the issue

        -    Allow item reimbursement after crash or connection timeout including crowns 

        -    decrease blurr of screen when using adr-97 first person aiming outside of the sight 

        -    Remove 3 second stumbles .You would get them low and they hit you once when they almost dead and you                           stumble and die because of it. ( competitive standpoint)

        -    connection timeouts happen when crafting a new item right after one finished or is close to finished the

        -    buff knifes in general they aren't worth using 

        -    Allow item dropping or gun dropping 

        -    Allow ammo in your gun to get moved to your stash instead of deleting when inventory is full 

        -    Allow entering of a friend's shelter with an invite 


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