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Reaper Crew - Professional ArmA unit (Non Milsim, UK Based Unit)

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Mission Statement

Reaper crew is a professional ArmA 3 unit looking to balance quality gameplay with military style realism and tactics. A great deal of ArmA 3 units are based around a specific military organisations and, coupled with the desire for realism often comes with the added encumbrance of less than exceptional gameplay and tedious training sessions. Here at Reaper Crew, we aim to embody our mentality of 'prevail through professionalism', providing our members with a level of serious, professional and immersive gameplay without detracting from a simple fact. We're all here to have fun.


We are based in the UK.

Operations and Events

Our regular main weekly event is every Saturday at 20:00 UK Time (GMT)


Core Principles

As a unit, we aspire to embody some core priciples that are the basis for our community:

  • Be professional - At the core of everything we do is professionalism. We strive to create an environment that everyone can be proud of.
  • Quality over quantity - We are far from the largest unit, and with this comes a requirement to perform at our maximum ability. Put the work in, and the experience is greatly enhanced for all
  • Your input matters - Everyone's opinions are important. If you have something you feel you want to say. Say it!
  • Give & take - We aim to be as accepting as possible of real life, plans change, emergencies happen. We don't seek to discipline or criticse those who cannot turn up every now and again. We encourage this give and take attitude to go both ways. Can't make the weekly event? No worries! Perhaps host something during the week for your fellow community members as a way of giving back!


What are we looking for?

If you would like to get involved, you must have meet the below criteria with no exceptions:

  • Be aged 16+
  • Speak English to a good level
  • Be willing to commit to regular events

All new members will go through a very basic training course to ensure that the base level of tactics and procedures are understood, any additional training is usually acquired 'on the job'.


How do I apply?

Simply go to: https://reapercrew.co.uk/application-form/ and join the discord link provided!



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Reaper Crew are soon to embark on a new campaign called Operation Sabertooth:


Campaign Overview

Operation Sabertooth is an offensive counter insurgency campaign that is seeking to tackle an insurgent threat in northern Clafghan. Recent years have seen an escalation in conflict with a religious movement called the ‘Free Takistan Guerrillas’ by the Clafghan Armed Forces. The group has been using the mountainous areas as a staging post to launch attacks against the countries of Israel and Clafghan.


You can find out more at: https://reapercrew.co.uk/operations-and-campaigns/operation-sabertooth/


Additionally, we have also released footage from one of our operations called Operation Sovereign where we were playing as Ukrainian Special Forces trying to halt a Russian offensive. You can see the footage below:


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