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Thomas TKO

[GUIDE] Server Owner w/ infiSTAR, Eden & DMS

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This is a guide geared for all server owners new and semi experienced. There is material dedicated just for hosting servers as well as more advance material for all server owners.  There is also a detailed explanation of the infiSTAR AntiHack and Admin Tools installation.  I made this guide to hopefully decrease the amount of "I'm Stuck" post on the forums.  If you think I should change or add something let me know.  There will be additions in the future.

The instructions on installing infiSTAR AntiHack and AdminTools starts on page 17 of the guide.

Server Owner Guide v2.0

READ THE GUIDE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. If you need help with something, I will provide assistance. However, don't contact me with a question that I covered in my guide. Also, set up a Altis server before you try to tackle a map like Chenarus.

Note: The links that send you to pages inside of the guide itself don't work unless you download the guide.





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