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Error loading a custom mission on my server

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Good afternoon, today I come to discuss my problem, I have a mission from the map Los Santos edited with NPCs, new areas that I believe, things that I deleted and put other things, ETC


The issue is that at the time of loading the mission to the server and with or without NPCs and without a configured mission, no load appears in the console that does not load the Mods, it is well set the address where you have to load the mods, and everything but I try with another map with mods the same edited and its works.


I do not know what happens, and please ask for help since I have 2 weeks trying to solve this situation


Things that I already try:

.Load the mission without NPCs and without a configuration

See if the Life_Server and extDB is fine

Remove the life server and the extDB from the mission

See if the MySQL is well addressed

.Reinstall the weapon3 server

.See that no mod is corrupt

load the mods that the server needs

. See that all the Keys are well


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