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finding new squad members, game recommendations

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I amn't much of a gamer myself ( not since the days of Crash Bandicoot on the PS1) so please bear with me here :)


I'm asking this on behalf of a friend who plays arma regularly and needs a bit of help. He played as part of a squad/ group for a bit over a year, and really enjoyed it, and as he lives alone, talking to the group members via text/ over a mic was his main source of social interaction.  A few weeks ago, the squad disbanded and moved elsewhere, leaving my friend on his own . My friend is disappointed and is now stuck without a group to play with, which is the main reason he plays arma- he likes the social benefits of being part of a group and part of a community and he is missing it. 


How should he go about trying to find or form a new group within the game? And could anyone recommend any similar multiplayer games  for him  where he could join a new group? 


Thanks for your help

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Damn, that somewhat wholesome. 

There are multiple ways to find people to play with in Arma. It mostly depends on what he is interested in. If its serious coop gameplay (usually called "Milsim") he can certainly try to find one of the many units looking for new member. This can be done on https://units.arma3.com or here
If he is just playing some casual game modes on public multiplayer server (e.g. King of the Hill) he can have a look on the Steam forum or ask here.

If you have further questions, go ahead or send me a PM, I'm happy to help as much as I can. ;D

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