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Open-Source ArmA 3 Tactical Guides

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Hey all,


Posting to share a collection of "open-source" ArmA 3 tactical guides me an my bro started writing. We decided to make this whole thing an open-source project giving access to everyone, as well as the opportunity to the interested to improve the collection.


All guides are free for everyone to use in whatever way they wish. There is absolutely no warranty, copyrights and the need for credits and references.


Please don't consider this post as an advertisement of yet another tactical guide collection for ArmA. It is just a share of information and material that could possibly be used in game. Nevertheless, if it is considered an advertisement please delete the post as per https://forums.bohemia.net/guidelines.


The link to the guides (at my Google Drive) is:



For those that would consider contributing to the project we have put it on GitLab and the link to the project is:



GitLab is the preferred place of access to the guides because there, you can always find the latest versions (and possibly some older ones too). Additionally, the link to my Google Drive will most probably become outdated eventually.


I hope someone will find something useful in there to use.


Thanks for going so far to read the post.


Have fun, take care and ArmA a lot :),



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No problem,


Happy to give back as much as possible to a community that has provided so much. Hope you'll find something useful in there. If you use the guides and care to suggest any improvements or changes (or share changes you made) feel free to do so. Additionally, feedback regarding the use you found for them is also welcome.


Keep in mind that you really don't have to share any changes you make, or give any kind of feedback (you can find more information about it in the guides).


Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.


Have fun, take care and ArmA a lot :).





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