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Make AI bleed with ACE medical [Resolved]

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Hey all,


I am facing a problem where I am trying to create units and inflict some damage on them with ACE. It works quite OK, but the only thing is that there is no bleeding happening. They start with normal vitals (which is not the main problem at the moment) and they stay like that despite their injuries (some are quite severe). I made a bit of a search on how I can use ACE to inflict damage on units and I ended up using "ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit" helper function (see below the script). As I said it works fine but after the damage is done no other effects are inflicted on the unit (pain, bleeding, etc.).


Any thoughts would be extremely welcome.


 * _damage is the damage to be inflicted <NUMBER>
 * _maxDamage is a number I use to adjust the maximum possible damage <NUMBER>
 * _bodyParts is an array containing the possible body parts to be damaged <STRING>
 * _woundTypes is an array with the possible wound types to be inflicted <STRING>
 * _woundedSoldier is the object (unit) that will receive the damage <OBJECT>

_damage = random _maxDamage; // Maximum possible damage is _maxDamage + 0.05
_damage = _damage + 0.05; // Add a small number to make sure damage is inflicted
_bodyPart = selectRandom _bodyParts; // Select random body part
_woundType = selectRandom _woundTypes; // Select random wound type

[_woundedSoldier, _damage, _bodyPart, _woundType] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; // Inflict the wound


Thanks in advance,



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Hey all (again),


Finally found out what the problem was...


I am quite embarassed to say that I hadn't activated the advanced medical system for the AI, so they wouldn't bleed out, or change their heart rate and blood pressure.


Hope this becomes a lesson to me to take care of all the details before coming to a conclusion that something is broken.





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