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satan himself

founders pack and game wipe on release

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so i was discussing with my brother about the game and future wipe when we go full public.  and we realized this.

we got the founders bundle with the shirt, hat and crowns. we used the crowns getting better loot and saving our items. 

we just found out about wipe and now the crowns were a waste, therefore pretty much waste of money to buy the founders bundle.

will those crowns be replaced when the wipe occurs? kind of a low blow if not

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Exactly as you said- 

All Crowns you have spent and purchased will be returned to you after the full release of the game. Thanks to that, we highly encourage you to try them out now - this way you will be able to test which boosters work the best for you as well as it will give us valuable feedback we need.

To learn more about wipe of progression check our FAQ: https://vigorgame.com/faq
To learn more about crowns and boosters check this handy article: 


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