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Get to Know - Filip Vymyslický - QA Tester

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▶ What do you do on Vigor?

I work in the QA department where we try to filter out as many bugs and issues as possible before the game is released.


▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team?

My contribution should not be visible in the game, as the issues I'm dealing with don't get into the released game.
So basically some crazy stuff like flying characters, stuck animations, weird character models and plenty of other things don't happen in the game 🙂


▶ What do you like about Vigor?

What usually brings me most pleasures are long-distance kills.
Whether it's by a sniper rifle or just a lucky shot from a pistol it feels rewarding to take someone down by a single long-distance shot.


▶ What do you want to see in Vigor?

As few bugs as possible. So the people can play the game without getting annoyed by any issues the game may have.


▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor?

Either spend my time with my girlfriend or my dog, if I have enough time I play other games or one of my guitars.
Also when the weather is good, I fly hang-glider over the weekends, and I always like to get a good beer with my friends.


▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how?

Yes, it did. I just found out recently that it takes me more time to fully immerse into any game as I try to see how the devs did it differently from our games etc.
Sometimes I catch myself hunting the game's bugs and walking in places where a regular player wouldn't go, but then I realize I'm not working and I should enjoy the game.


▶ Your favorite games and why?

Lately, it's Factorio; the whole concept is so well done and overwhelming, it's perfect. However, it feels to me that I'd need another lifetime to play it properly.
RPGs - Elder Scrolls series
As for shooters, I'm a fan of Counter Strike since 1.5 until today's GO, I still play it occasionally, but my reflexes are getting worse with the years 😞
My favorite console game would still be Silent Hill 2 as I got all the endings except "Dog."


▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why?

I like all kinds of music, so let's pick some favorite artists, even though it's difficult.
Electronic: Bonobo
Instrumental: A perfect circle
and a band which led me to learn to play guitar - System of a down

Movies: Tarantino's films and James Wan's horrors (only the ones directed by him)

Show: Huge fan of GoT, but also horror series like The Haunting of Hill House and Castle Rock

Book: As mentioned - a fan of GoT, and I liked Pillars of the Earth


▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community?

Every feedback and the reported issue is highly appreciated. When you encounter anything annoying try not to give up on us, we're doing our best to make the game better.


▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do?

I'd try to return to normal by all means, which would mean finding some community first and joining them.


Bonus Question (From Ellen )

▶  If you would be able to be in a game for a week, what game would you choose and why?

Being Dovahkiin in Skyrim! Speak with dragons, fly on them, while hurling flames out of my hands, shouting powerful dragon words and enjoying the Skyrim's scenery while living in this awesome lore. Hell yeah.



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Will there be a progress wipe when full release comes and if so how will you give crowns back to people who have paid for them in pre release 

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15 hours ago, Mike2405 said:

Will there be a progress wipe when full release comes and if so how will you give crowns back to people who have paid for them in pre release 

Yes, there will be a wipe of progression - there is an article about everything you wanted to know about the wipe coming your way and will be released in the next few weeks. As when it comes to crowns : 

All of your crowns that you have spent and purchased will be returned to you after the full release of the game!
Thanks to that we highly encourage you to try them out now - this way you will be able to test which boosters are the most helpful for you as well as it will give us valuable feedback we need to improve and polish this system as much as we can. 


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