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Artillery [Guided AT] not working properly? [SOLVED]

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Hi, i been trying to work out how artillery guided AT works but cant make it to hit targets.


1.Placed Opfor playable character UAV operator and empty 2S9 Sochor with 2 moving bluefor light armor on stratis runway

2. Connected to UAV Tyrant and lased bluefor light armor and stabilized turret to follow moving target (i even turned on camera feed to make sure everything is okay on UAV side)

3.I switched to artillery Guided AT and blind fired to laser direction and fired trough artillery computer on very close position of targets and none works, they just miss


*Only thing to work is Rhino which i can see Laser Target on its radar and fire Guided Missile with no problem.


Any ideas?


EDIT: Laser guided is the name actually 

Youtube video

EDIT2: Got it now, laser guided shell can only change trajectory from initial fire mission point up to 70-80 meters only.

Arty Guide 

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