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Hello Arma community :)


Like the title says, i have an issues with my mammoth tank. it's now several months am fighting with the config files. I' am about to give up.


The problem is :


 - when i'm gunner of the tank if i want to lock an air target with the missiles weapons, i push T key then it lock and the first shot work nicely but the lock UI icon doesn't keep the target locked. I have to wait around 10 seconds then it initiate the lock sequence which is 3 seconds and i can shot again.


- when i'm commander and then move to the gunner position, there is no problem with the lock it keep the target locked and i can shot all the missiles to the target in seconds.


- the AI have also this problem, AI gunner alone in the tank work perfectly, if there is the commander it's going bad.


I want the commander as observer and shooter with his small machinegun, not interfering with missile lock.


I compared and copy pastes with cheetah AA tank config attributes but i'm missing something, i'm turning around the problem.

I have made so many test and the result was always negative, this is the first time that i'm stuck with it.

I have research everything related to tank config files, turrets, weapons, ammo...


First i would like to know if someone met this problem and have a solution, else i can put the config i have done in my next message.

So any idea?


Sorry for mystakes, i 'm not english and i hope to be clear enought.

Thank you for your tips, help and for giving me your time.


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The problem was not A.I at all, it was a wrong position of Missile weapons pods memory points which where not centered like the maingun.

I don't think it will help to know that.

If any admin here can you delete this topic please? (i don't think i can delete myself).

Thank you

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