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Updates Needed

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There have been a few months since anything new has been introduced in-game.


The only thing that happens is re-balances again and again. I have mentioned before that the same leveled units cannot  battle a variation of leveled defenses but nothing has changed.  Maybe a new building can be introduced. One that enhances already existing units and upgrades them to something new and much stronger. A building only unlocked at higher levels. Also, a map can be introduced. A map where all player bases can be seen and attacked according to the level differences between the two bases. And why not add AI bases that are to be attacked so as to gather resources. Send an occupying force which can be attacked by other players so as to loot what supplies the defending player has gathered. Additionally how about a global chat. How about making alliances worth the while. Like an ally to be able to send forces to help defend your base. A base attack that needs some time to take place since the troops will have to travel across the aforementioned map.


There are so many possibilities but to be honest I doubt anyone is seriously working on this game. Hence the alliance chats go dead. Why not? There is nothing to talk about. And maybe the game is too. 



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