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Robert Tyburne

[EU/NA] 292nd Parachute Regiment "Lion's Fury"

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292nd Parachute Regiment "Lion's Fury"


Created recently (Sept. 2018), the 292nd PR is a modern, German Fallschirmjäger unit. While themed as paratroopers, the 292nd does offer a variety of roles within infantry, vehicles, and a small air group. If you're looking for a unit that's on that line of casual and semi-realism, we're it!


Website: https://292lf.enjin.com/

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/JT8dggd

When: Operations currently on Saturdays at 3pm US Eastern (second op day in the works)

Language: English

Ages: 16+


What We're Looking For

People that want to have fun playing Arma 3 in a semi-realism environment that appreciate detailed and engaging storylines.


What We Offer

  • Story driven campaigns and operations, where just about anyone can run their own campaign as a Zeus as a part of the unit on our dedicated server.


  • Training on a more personal level (not huge classes), scheduled with your own instructor for a variety of ribbons and certifications. 


  • Operational roles as infantry, ground vehicle crew, or as a pilot (pending operational needs).


  • Avenues for advancement that directly help run the unit.



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