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J. Rainey

[Recruiting] [Milsim] [16+] Air Combat Command

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Who Are We?

Air Combat Command (ACC) is a United States Air Force based Milsim unit comprised of multiple Squadrons including Fixed Wing, Rotary, Rescue, and Infantry.


During our Operations we hold ourselves to a certain standard, while also understanding this is a game and making sure everybody is having fun. Every Squadron has a set of responsibilities to accomplish while working together seamlessly when necessary.


Outside of Operations we’re all a big group of friends from all over the globe. We have members currently serving in the Military, some Retired, and some in the Reserves, from every branch.



24th Special Tactics Squadron (24th STS) - Essentially the guys on the ground who call in airstrikes for all of our support aircraft.


48th Rescue Squadron (48th RQS) - Comprised of two Elements; Archangle and Pedro Flight. Archangle is the team of Pararescueman serving mainly as Combat Search And Rescue, as well as           emergency on-the-ground medical support.

         Pedro Flight is the team of pilots and crew chiefs that make up the rotary wing of the 48th RQS.


107th Fighter Squadron - A-10C Pilots


421st Fighter Squadron - F-16C Pilots


194th Fighter Squadron - F-15C Pilots


966th Air Control Squadron - AWACS and KC-135 Pilots



Age: 16+ for Infantry, 18+ For Pilot

Working microphone

Be able to properly speak English


Contact Us:


Website - http://www.aircombatcommand.com/

Teamspeak - acc.ts.nfoservers.com


If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please either PM me or join our Teamspeak and talk to a Command Member.







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