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For the weapons part, earlier today i was playing with some weapons on the shooting range, I pulled a weapon out it came off my back, I pulled the other one out and I had one in my hands and one on my back. The weapon in my hands and back at the same time was the Mosin. The other weapon I had was the Suomi on my back. To sum it up I had a Suomi and a mosin on my back and another mosin in my hands.

Next topic. Reload animations. The silver pigeon has a weird reload where the outlander reloads it like a normal gun, but the gun doesn't move at all so it looks like he is putting invisible shells into an invisible chamber. Going back to the mosin, whenever i was using it at the range, I was in first person, I shot, it did nothing to load the next bullet into the chamber in first person. When I shot in third person though, the outlander pulled the bolt back to load in the next bullet.

Next Tag.  Ammo glitches. Take for example you take a Suomi to the range, reload it shoot it a couple times, reload it again one last time, then unequip it, the bullets that were in the gun are taken out and put into your inventory. Then you think, why do I have bullets, I took none out of my storage, so you try and put them back into your storage it doesn't work. The first time it happend to me i was confused and thought was my storage full or am i going to lose them when I die in a game?

Next Tag. Invisible props. I have searched the entire safe house to see if I could find invisible props, in my head i thought, as you upgrade your safe house, you must get more props or items in it. I looked around and found a invisible barrier, i felt around it with my character and it seemed like it was a door for a later upgrade, if you're wondering where it is, if you look directly at the map and turn right to that doorway, go into the doorway and turn right you will meet the invisible door. I know its not the most important thing to fix before a full release but it would make the game a lot better if there are anymore of those anywhere else. Thank you for reading this and I hope the community and devs can perfect this game. :happy: -TheSupremeBread


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