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Addon Builder CfgConvert task failure in Theseus Services custom repack: What am I missing?

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Dear Arma Community,

Pardon me; I am a rookie modder. After exhausting every troubleshooting idea that I have come across, I am back to this forum.


[Also, this is the same as my Reddit post here. Please feel free to reply at either place. Also, if someone were willing to help me via Discord chat, that would be fantastic.]

I am in the final stages of preparing a custom version of the open source Theseus Services mod (GitHub) for my squad. My work is entirely a set of simple reskins -- some of the assets with the same names as those included in the original mod and some new models.

At this point, I have all config, WeaponConfig, and VehicleConfig files edited. All of the assets load correctly in-game on my computer when I have the P:\x\tacs directory mounted via Bohemia Interactive's "Project Drive Management" tool and Theseus Service's provided "Setup.py" script, as well as the separate addons folders converted to .pbo files via PboManager.

Since I have the assets looking how I want, it is time to package a shareable mod for my squad (private online matches). [Edit] However, when I click "make.py," nothing seems to happen. Further, when I go to use "Addon Builder" to package the complete (parent) mod folder with the folders inside "Addons" not yet converted to .pbo files, I receive the following error:


Build failed. Result code=1
CfgConvert task failed.
Include file \x\tacs\addons\main\script_mod.hpp not found.
Error reading config file 'P:\x\tacs\addons\backpacks\config.cpp'

I receive similar errors with Mikero's pboProject.

Here is 'P:\x\tacs\addons\main\script_mod.hpp' :

// COMPONENT should be defined in the script_component.hpp and included BEFORE this hpp

#define MAINPREFIX x
#define PREFIX tacs
#define SUBPREFIX addons

#include "script_version.hpp"

// MINIMAL required version for the Mod. Components can specify others..

    #define COMPONENT_NAME QUOTE(Theseus Services - COMPONENT)

And here is 'P:\x\tacs\addons\backpacks\config.cpp' :

#include "script_component.hpp"

class CfgPatches {
    class ADDON {
        name = COMPONENT_NAME;
        units[] = {
        weapons[] = {};
        requiredVersion = REQUIRED_VERSION;
        requiredAddons[] = {"tacs_vests"};
        author = ECSTRING(main,Author);
        authors[] = {"Pomigit", "BadHabitz", "Jonpas", "Rory"};
        url = ECSTRING(main,URL);

#include "CfgVehicles.hpp"

What am I missing?

Thank you for your help. Please kindly remember that I am new to this process and will need more specific guidance than this forum's veterans.

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Linked to Reddit; Suggested Discord; Clarified Problem

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