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About 10th SOC


The 10th SOC is a professional Mil-Sim unit adapting real life tactics for use in game, if you are tired of playing with public players who have no structure, and no sense of leadership. Then the 10th Special Operations Command is exactly what you are looking for. We are not a realism unit. We are a Military Simulation Unit. Our training system is ran and taught by actual Combat Veterans that have served in the military at home and overseas.  Our SOC is comprised of three major battalions.  All of which, new applicants can tryout for right out of the gate.  Each battalion has their own unique training regiment and expectations.  So before joining, make sure you fully understand those requirements.  


The unit has been around for nearly 10 years.  We have a decade of experience in mission creation, training and operational knowledge.  If you want an organized unit that trains and practices, this is the place for you!

Each new recruit, will join our one week Delayed Entry Program(DEP).  From there you have the ability to play in our weekly and nightly operations.  During this time, you will learn about each battalion, unit rules, training requirements etc.  This will give you time to determine if this is the right unit for you.  Also, you are being evaluated by leadership to ensure we have a good fit for you.  




75th Ranger Regiment- Currently Recruiting

Light Infantry:  Our primary Infantry section. Offering the largest variety of roles from Infantry, Medical, Department Shops (S1 - S5) Once completing BCT(Basic Combat training) fixed to the mechanics, and in game use of tactics, basic marksmanship, and discipline installment. You will be placed into the 75th as PV2 with a front row seat on the battlefield. Where further training will be implemented through out your career.



10SFG- (SFOD-A) - Special Forces Detachment: Limited Availability:


The 10th SOC's Pinnacle of training, and experience Special Operations team. Providing Asset and Strategic Demolition, Intelligence and Recon, and HVT Neutralization. Some of our unique training include SWCC, Marksmen, Explosives, and many more. The 10SFG is the scalpel of the group and is sent in to do a variety of task as mentioned before. The 10SFG is recruiting members for the following MOS's: WEAPONS SERGEANT (18B) ENGINEER SERGEANT (18C) MEDICAL SERGEANT (18D) COMMUNICATIONS SERGEANT (18E). If you are interested put in an application using the link provided at the bottom, and when you join our discord ask for either any SF recruiter or a ODA member.

Lastly here is our recruitment video for SF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtlpxsGUOhg

160th SOAR - Fixed and Rotary Wing Assets: Currently Recruiting:


The 160th SOAR is the 10th SOC Air asset battalion.  With fixed wing and rotary assets, the unit is equipped to handle all engagements and support roles. Specializing in reconnaissance, tactical insertions, air support, close air combat and much more, the 160th SOAR is a highly trained aviator unit.  The training requirements for this battalion is very rigorous and requires many hours of training before being deployed in a operation.  If flying is your passion, 160th SOAR is for you!



As a new recruit you will attend Basic Training as well as Advance Infantry Training.  From there, you will go on to your specific training in whichever battalion you wish to join. Additionally, we have weekly Unit Wide Trainings and side operations that sharpen your skills.


The 10th Special Operations Command Potential Applicants
Requirements for Applicants are as follows:

Age of 16+
Working headset/mic


Arma A3Sync

How To Join

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Fill out Application at: https://10soc.com
  3. Speak to a Recruiter in our Discord
  4. Join Arma Units https://units.arma3.com/unit/10soc




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Proud to announce that 10th SOC is reaching the 40 active member mark.  Last operation hosted 30 members as they provided medical aid to local villagers, conducted security patrols / route clearance, and liberated a town from radical leaders.  We are filling the ranks of the ODA at a rapid rate! Don't worry the 75th Rangers have many high quality open slots available that will allow you to apply high level infantry tactics. 

We are developing an Alive WW2 server for ongoing operations and we are always in search of new players and members to come help make the experience as fun as possible!


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10SOC still open for recruitment.  Weekly story driven content, Antistasi server, training server, nightly training and much more. 

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