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A Little information about us.  
We aim to keep the military tactics in place while having a more relaxed ruleset and a different approach on how a unit is run.
This unit is relatively new so if you are reading this then thank you. Think of it like this, the more members we have the more missions and mission variety there will be! so every little helps

Essential mod pack Subject to change -

101st SFG essential mod pack 

By: Tyler

Essential mod pack - that you NEED

Optional mod pack Continues to grow -

101st SFG Optional mod pack 

By: Tyler

Its up to you whether you use these, but they will work.

Occasional mod pack (a weeks notice will be given prior to activating these or as close to - usually for special events etc) -

101st SFG Occasionals 

By: Razzoz



Are you worried about multiplayer performance and tired of people simply just hosting a game with hamster internet? Should not be a problem anymore, as our rented server gets great performance and bandwidth


A high quality rented game server and Teamspeak 
Radio Communications - TFAR BETA 

All missions will be done via a ZEUS and sometimes ALIVE, this can be anybody who wants to make the mission or missions(s) - why stick to 1 mission?

Special events

We plan to have special events such as turning on our teleport and going back in time to WW2 and Vietnam! why stop there? Halo, StarWars? its all possible here.

When do we play?

Offical op nights are FRIDAYS @ 7.00pm BST. I plan to have the possibility of having anybody make a mission as of when they like during the week.


We don't expect you to devote your life to a game. we will not force you to play. everybody has a life. 

however if you haven't been active for several weeks you will be sent a private message asking if your still interested. 

How do I join?

forum website

What makes us different?

Are you getting tired of the over the top realism? Are people forgetting this is still a sandbox game? Well we have the idea of keeping the teamwork, coordination, tactics while also throwing in a relaxed ruleset. We are a semi Milsim unit remembering how arma 3 is meant to be enjoyed.


General rule of our Unit are as follows (WIP)
#1 Don't be a ♥♥♥♥ 
#2 intentional racism will be investigated and result will be 1 strike out of our 2 strike system 
#3 intentional team killing is frowned upon and will not be tolerated if it continues a warning towards a 1st strike will be given (we understand mistakes happen)

---- Strike system information ----
1 warning into..
1st strike into..
2nd strike automatically leading into..
Banned for a week then return into..
Probation for a month..
if you recieve another strike in probation period, your sadly will be leaving the unit

---- Reporting issues ----

Report issues directly to the Admins instead of reporting it publicly.

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added forum website link, new application method

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