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[A3][US/PST][RECRUITING] SEAL Team 5 Milsim Unit

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Mission Statement Our Mission Statement Here At SEAL Team 5 Is To Create A Realistic And Fun Military Gaming Environment For All Involved. We Teach And Utilize Military Tactics To Simulate A SEAL Team, While Skipping Out On Some Full Scale Milsim Aspects. In Game, Seriousness And Maturity Will Be Expected Of Course. Our Trainings And Missions Are Designed To Incorporate Technical Skills, And Challenge The Team As A Whole. We Welcome All Types Of Arma Players New And Old. If You Have The Attitude To Learn And Develop As A Team, We Would Be More Than Happy To Have You On Board.

Entrance Pipeline We Have A Three Phase SEAL Qualification Training Course That Goes Over The Basic Skills You’ll Need To Know To Operate In This Unit. Depending On How Much You Know, The Training Can Be Very Easy And Quick. It Is Designed To Accommodate All Skill Levels.

Aviation Our Aviation Element Is HSM-49. We Use Two Different Airframes For Our Operations, The MH-60S Seahawk And The MV-22 Osprey. The Training Pipeline Is A Simple Flight School To Ensure Our Pilots Are Proficient With Both Airframes.

Billets We Offer Billets That Are In A Real SEAL Team Such As The Following. Each Billet Requires Training To Be Qualified In The Job. The Courses Are Generally Short, But Teach The Necessary Skills To Perform The Job.



Heavy Weapons




Designated Marksman

Operation Times

Training - Thursday @ 1700 PST

Operations - Sunday @ 1700 PST

All Events Are Hosted On Our Dedicated Server


Teamspeak -

Application - Https://Drive.Google.Com/Open?Id=1MRrx_7ifut97wU5RaSInxorc_5Nlt8yLoui5VP4F00Y

Modpack - Https://Steamcommunity.Com/Sharedfiles/Filedetails/?Id=1365626766

Please Feel Free To Join The Steam Group, But You Must Fill Out An Application And Speak With A Recruiter In Teamspeak To Actually Join.



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