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Yes you read correctly, FULL SCREEN NIGHT VISION without the need for any client mods and server side keys.




This script was written to be bundled in with mission files and to be executed at mission start via a init.sqf entry ([] execVM "fullScreenNightVision.sqf"). As you can see from the above screen shot, it was already added in to an A3Wasteland mission.


This script is a work-around for night vision which uses the player 'goggles' slot rather than the 'hmd' slot, so no actual night vision goggles are required, and as a replacement the 'combat goggles (green)' must be equipped to the 'goggles' slot... which then renders the night vision full screen (no black borders) when you turn it on.


  • Unequipped NVGoggles and equipped Combat Goggles (Green) = FULL SCREEN NIGHT VISION.
  • Equipped NVGoggles and equipped Combat Goggles (Green) = black border night vision.
  • Unequipped Combat Goggles (Green) and equipped NVGoggles = black border night vision.


This script is able to be added to any mission with ease. Configure by changing or adding goggle classes to the allowed class array at the top of the script, no need to change anything else.


The night vision does not affect scopes/launchers/vehicles (gunner view) etc, as their own vision modes are allowed to cycle as required.




Enjoy a simple mod-free version of full screen night vision without any use of custom ppEffects.


I hope this script will be useful.


*EDIT. updated the script due to finding issues within a dedicated environment, see header change log.





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