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Advanced Tactical Battlefield 


Short description :

-Team versus Team mission from 2 to 42 players. (NATO vs AAF)

-Simple, balanced and high performance mission that require team play to win.

-Battlefield like mission with sector, ticket and class restriction.



Rules :

Each team must capture and hold sector, the first team at 0 ticket loose the game, each death consume 1 ticket.



Mission Feature :

-Each team start in a outpost near the combat zone, they can buy vehicle or paradrop to the battlefield.

-Each team got a limited amount of credit for buy vehicle so the player must manage how they spend the credit (Repair, Rearm...), there is no way to earn credit so if a team run out of credit the only way to get one its to steal a vehicle.

-Few class get special abilities :

* Squadleader can call limited support (mortar, airstrike, ammodrop).

* Sapper can build sandbag wall.

* Medic got unlimited revive, (everyone can revive but that consume a first aid kit and that take more time)

-TAW view distance script.

-Mag repack script.

-No Virtual Arsenal or ammobox (only paradrop), cause i want to make a balanced game, for exemple there is 1 Sniper for each team, 1 AA Specialist for each team.......



Mission File :

ATB Mission pack



















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