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Helicopter/Jet locking and loadout.

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I have a some issues I wan't to address that regards jets and helicopters.



- Scalpels and DAGR locking range differs between jets and helicopters.

Jets, like the Gryphon, locks on target at 3km while the Blackfoot locks at 5,3km.

ATGMs 3km locking for a jet is so close, can't this be tweaked? Given size of maps and top speed of jets wouldn't at least 6-10km be more preferable?


- DAGRs and Scalpels from a Hellcat or a Pawnee is a complete mystery to me, sometimes I get a lock at 1-1,3km most often no lock at all. 

Seems completely random.


- Bombs like the GBU-12 from the jets has no locking reticule, used to be a square that goes "diamond" on lock, now it's nothing.


- Gryphon black/white camo skin variant has been blurry since release.


- Gryphon and Buzzard targeting pod doesn't rotate 360 degrees, so you brake lock before impact with bombs and you are not able to see target hit, also since release.


- What happened to the missile camera HUD display and the zoomed out map HUD in aircrafts?


And lastly, why is the loadout for the Gryphon so limited? There's 3x and 4x Scalpels ingame for the the Buzzard for example, x2 bombs, DAGR etc, any chance of fixing this?


Thank's in advance for any replies

Kind Regards




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About the jets - look at my post. A guy explains it and it was tested by me. A bit different locking system after the tanks DLC came out

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What about lock on on Ground to Air and Air to Air. After TANK DLC it messed up so hard it. I tested it one few servers and mods( editor/exile/koth). There is example how titan AA work now mostly 80% fired rockets just miss target even when target do not use flares

When I fly in jet almost every missle Air to Air miss target ( even hovering or 0 flares) It triggering my so hard. Why they messed it so hard. I hope they will make hotfix about that. I used (blackwasp 2, f-35(CUP), shikra ect.) Almost EVERY MISSILE miss target. That should be even possible. It happens after TANK DLC...

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