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POLPOX's AAN 2035 Resource

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POLPOX's AAN 2035 Resource


This is a MOD that allows you to show the 2035-style AAN World News(fictional news company in Arma series or Armaverse) resource in-game. You can create some screen, like cutscenes with this resource.

Singleplayer-only MOD for now.

To use (for mission developers):

["init","Some Headline","Some Descriptions",[H,M,S],["Ticker","Newses","If","You'd","Like","To","Add","Your","Own"]] call PLP_fnc_AAN
  • 0: Mode (String) - "init"(Opens up the resource), "update"(Change headline, description or both) or "exit"(End and destroy resource).
  • 1: Headline (String, Optional) - Headline text.
  • 2: Description (String, Optional) - Description text below the headline.
  • 3: Time (Array, Optional) - [Hour,Minute,Second] in numbers. This will show on the bottom-right clock of the resource. By default, mission time will be used.
  • 4: Ticker Newses (Array, Optional) - Bottom ticker news lines. Throw like ["I am not an important news",["Mark this ticker news as important",true],"I am not an important news too"] to make a news important(Up to 20). By default, it'll be some official and some community-made ticker.


Steam Workshop:



Default ticker news credits:

  • Bohemia Interactive
  • GeneralKong

You can contribute to the MOD!

If you have your imaginational ticker news. Please share me. If your idea is adopted, you will be credited.
Anything. Armaverse-related, community-related, Bohemia Interactive-related, or maybe *cough* a-British-computer-game-company-what-creating-F1-games-every-each-year-and-breaks-up-with-BI-on-10+-years-ago-related. *cough*



The MOD is using a font Aldrich by MADType.

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Moricky is developing same thing recently and will be on in Development Branch soon in official. So I suspend the develop of this MOD for a while, or forever. We'll see. I love this love for the Armaverse anyways.


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The MOD is updated due to violation of Adobe's Terms of Use. I am really sorry.

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