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Disappearing Download Locations for OFP Addons and Mods

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Hello to the brave OFP-community,
Installed old OFP GOTY after 6 years again, had many Patches and Mods on my external Harddrive, but some Mods etc. are missing. Looking on ofp.gamepark.cz, which was the No. 1 source for all OFP-stuff, I cannot download anything - wether from FTP 1 nor from FTP 2 (which demands a password???) Using different browsers and options, but nothing worked. I surely missed some info during the last years..... Many other download-sites are already erased from the web and some have only a very little bit of OFP content left. Found a little bit on nexusmods.com, but the big ammount of downloads faded away, it seems. In my case, I'm especially looking for the FFUR 1985 Desert Pack (you find it on ofp.gamepark.cz, but you can't download it). Has anyone an Idea, where I can get this one?
Thanks for info in advance and best regards
ripley (marcomio)

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