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Arma 3 FPS drop every 45 seconds on some servers

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I honestly can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening, I can't find another person with the same issue.

This happens on certain Exile servers, but not all of them. The issue is basically just getting a hitch or small freeze every 45 seconds (Monitoring with MSI afterburner).
It may not sound that bad, but it makes gameplay pretty irritating when its freezing every minute.

Had to reset my PC due to Windows updates over a month ago, that's when it started. Never had the issue in the 1300 hours I played before then.

I tried to fix it, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else to try, so I played on a server that didn't have this issue.
That server did a soft wipe & removed 2 mods (BWmod/ Pedagne) and now suddenly i'm getting that issue there as well.

I've tried different drivers, settings, startup parameters, etc, even different Windows 10 builds.

I know modded Arma can be buggy, but a little freeze/ FPS drop at a consistent pace of once every 45 seconds (even standing still) seems a bit weird....

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Do you have Win 10?
If so, this is a bug with processor overheating in Win10.
It is necessary to set  99% of the maximum processor state in the power options. Because at 100% the bug begins.
I myself suffered for a very long time with this problem)))

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