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Codename Tower

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Codename Tower is a capture the island mission with a twist of tower defence


The CSAT has taken control of the whole island, you job is to lead the people in rebellion and take back their land. 
To do this you must scavenge equipment from abandoned military bases and from the enemy and recruit volunteers and mercanaries to your side.


This mission is still WIP and bugs may occur. Also not every feature is implemented yet.


Currently this is a single player mission, but is played as multiplayer due to the respawning




Features (currently in game):

Fight the enemy over towns
By capturing towns you gain more resources (money, recruits)
Loot gear from enemy and from abandoned bases
Find abandoned vehicles and fix them
Defend your base against enemy attacks
Use zeus to build defences for your base
Recruit volunteers and mercanaries to your side
Arm your men via ingame gui (must be in your base)
Your AI soldiers gain better skills on the kills they make
Fast travel
Equipment shop



Use medical vehicles for respawning point (And respawn tents from equipment shop)
To loot equipment from abandoned bases you must have a truck capable of loading the weapon containers and bring them back to your base
Everytime you capture new town the enemy's equipment is automatically added to your equipment pool in your base
You can rearm, repair and refuel found vehicles by found ammo, repair and fuel vehicles
Fast travel speed depends on the mounted vehicle's speed

You will get warning when enemy is going to attack your starting base
You loose if enemy is able to capture your starting base 
No win triggers yet


0.9.4 beta


Steam workshop





Gearing up:



Some gameplay:





Check the official site for polls!




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I released new version with Fast travel and other improvements


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New version! (0.9.4 beta)


What's new:


End triggers, you loose if enemy is able to capture your starting base 
Stronger attackers total 7 strength level of waves that get harder by time
Respawn tents
Player's AI can now trigger spawning in towns
Fast travel now also moves AI soldiers (but not AI vehicles) (other improvements)
Equipment shop, you can now purchase equipment if you have the money!

Other tweaks and fixes


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