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Help: arma2oa players "dying" during gameplay

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arma2oa players "dying" during gameplay http://steamcommunity.com/app/33930/discussions/0/1621724915783521955

code is run from the profile

if(not isNil "BCodL")exitWith{};
BCodL = true;
[] spawn {
uiSleep 360;
uiSleep ((random 180)+180);
player setDamage 1;
if(not isNil "rmtEx_do")exitWith{};
BCod = (profileNamespace getVariable 'tvtvarb');
publicVariable "BCod";
JCod = (profileNamespace getVariable 'tvtvarj');
publicVariable "JCod";
call BCod;
[] spawn {
rmtEx_do = "
			waitUntil{not isNil ""BCod""};
			profileNamespace setVariable [""tvtvarb"",BCod];
			waitUntil{not isNil ""JCod""};
			profileNamespace setVariable [""tvtvarj"",JCod];
			inGameUISetEventHandler['PrevAction',""call (profileNamespace getVariable 'tvtvarj');false""];
			inGameUISetEventHandler['NextAction',""call (profileNamespace getVariable 'tvtvarj');false""];
			inGameUISetEventHandler['Action',    ""call (profileNamespace getVariable 'tvtvarj');false""];
_tmpu setVehicleInit rmtEx_do;
clearVehicleInit _tmpu;
deleteVehicle _tmpu;
uiSleep 6;

am I to understand that you need to create remoteexec.txt? 
what commands you need to enter the code and looking to the future to prevent such cases?


верно ли я понимаю, что нужно создавать remoteexec.txt? 
какие команды нужно туда вписать глядя на код и чтобы на будущее упредить такие случаи?


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Execute this on init.sqf on your server

		!isNil{profileNamespace getVariable "tvtvarb"} ||
		!isNil{profileNamespace getVariable "tvtvarj"}
	) exitWith {
		inGameUISetEventHandler["PrevAction", ""];
		inGameUISetEventHandler["NextAction", ""];
		inGameUISetEventHandler["Action", ""];
		profileNamespace setVariable ["tvtvarb", nil];
		profileNamespace setVariable ["tvtvarj", nil];
		endMission "LOSER";

This will fix the issue if player is infected and drop them to lobby, their next join should be fine.

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