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REQUEST: Apply Soundsets to gatling weapons

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I have a rather odd request for the development. It seems that the 'new' soundset system is not available for gatling weapons such as the 20mm Blackfoot cannon, the 30mm Kajman or, and that's the greatest disappointment, the CAS1 plane main cannon, the Gau8 so to say. 


Currently they still use the old soundbegin parameters that allow no controllers or any sort of parameters controlling the sounds. And that's a real shame as the weapons sound weird, does not work with distance filters or 3d processors and such. And not distance sounds. When ever soundsetshot is applied to these weapons, they are muted without any rpt... They just don't work. 


In that case we can not create good sounds for that type of weapons. I know it might be a performance reason but with the controllers that are connected to Soundsets we can limit certain things and make it performant enough. 



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