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Fireplace Script/addon

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Trying to improve this script, everything works, you can place down a fire, put the fire out and delete the fireplace but how do you allocate a custom key instead of using the action menu to activate a script? eg allocating ''UserKey 20'' to place the fireplace.


Also would it be possible to only place a fireplace if you had a certain item in your inventory? eg ''zippo_lighter'' classname to activate the Userkey?


Spent too long trying to allocate a key and no luck I do have a custom key script but its not allocated correctly and all the threads online are broken for some unknown reason.


Here is the fireplace script. Which you can place a fireplace only by the action menu.


_player = player; 
_player removeaction (_this select 2); 
_player playMove "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_healed"; sleep 4; 
_fire = createVehicle ["Land_Fire_burning", player modeltoworld [0,1,0], [], 0, "can_collide"]; 
_fire addAction ["Remove fireplace", "Delete.sqf"]; sleep 180; 
_player addAction ["Create fireplace", "Fireplace.sqf"];


Here is the userkey init script.


waituntil {!(IsNull (findDisplay 46))}; _keyDown = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "(if (_this select 1 == 200) then {hint 'test'; player execVM 'fire.sqf'})"]; 

setTerrainGrid 50; 
setViewDistance 500;


So basically converting the 'addAction' parameter to a ''userKey'' parameter.


Thankyou for your time and hope to speak soon.

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