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MACE CTI Malden (100 players Friday September 1st)

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My little unofficial gallery - for MACE v.1.06


ENG > The 3rd setting, some of the tags are here only for this presentation.
GER > Einstellungen 3rd, einige Tags sind hier nur für diese Präsentation.
RUS >Третьи настройки, некоторые теги здесь только для этой презентации.


A few information

Control AI


2. stay inside player
3 very important: select MULTIPLE AI units before opening GAME MENU (eg press F1,F2,F3 to select your AIs)
YOU CAN FAST TRAVEL MULTIPLE AIs AT THE SAME TIME (just select them all then the tricky part is opening the GAME MENU, you need shortcut key)
4. use shortcut key to open game menu (you need define shortcut key in GAME MENU > PARAMETERS (last section) > search "game menu" > select in drop down list USER ACTION XXXX) then got o ARMA MENU (Esc key) > CONTROLS > CUSTOM > search "USER ACTION XXXX"
5. push FAST TRAVEL button.


I need help how to move AI from ship to island.

 => you can use FAST TRAVEL with one of these three places

    1. the BASE BUILDER vehicle


    2. A base building (eg BASE BUILDING JEEPS)


    3. an RP

Note: you need have TEAM LEADER role for any of these three options


=> select all you AI units


=> open game menu with SHORTCUT KEY (you can define shortcut key for GAME MENU inside the GAME MENU, section PARAMETERS, lookup for it)

======> once you chose an option in the drop down list for the shortcut (eg User Action 17) you need go to ARMA MENU > CONTROLS > CUSTOM > key USER ACTION 17 and choose a keyboard key for it


note: you cannot use action menu because it will DESELECT you AIs (that's why you need to use shortcut key for GAME MENU)

note: it is important to have AI units selected at the moment when you open GAME MENU
if AI units are not selected then the FAST TRAVEL will apply to player not to AI units
this works the same as with all the other actions (PARACHUTE INSERTION, REARM, SERVICE, ROLE selection, ARSENAL, etc)

=> got to SUPPORT section, then press FAST TRAVEL button

=> click on map near RP or
BASE BUILDER vehicle or base building (eg BASE BUILDING JEEPS)

Can I create AI on the island ?

No, you need create on ship then fast travel to island near base building or RP

How many AI units can be created ?

The default limit is 50 AI units per side

If you create 50 AI units in your squad the other players cannot create more AIs for their squads.


AI Contro keys.







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