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I'd like to announce to the community the release of my bullet-time/slow-motion mod. This mod is a spinoff of a slow-mo feature that I included in my "The Dude's Fantastic Paintball Adventure" mission; my friends and I enjoyed the feature it so much that I figured others would too.


This mod features the following:

  • When in bullet-time, the player gets a temporary health boost.
  • Damage taken while in bullet-time does not impact the player when the effect ends (unless player killed in bullet-time).
  • Player moves faster (relative to all other AI, players, objects) in bullet-time.
  • Bullet-time ability regulated by "recharge delay".
  • "Tracer-vision" feature (optional): Friendlies and enemies fire tracer rounds while in slow-motion (tracer colours are team-specific). AI bullets also travel slower for increased immersion and reaction time.
  • Auto-react feature (optional)Player automatically "reacts" and enter bullet-time when caught unaware by enemy fire.

Link to the mod:



Latest version (with "tracer-vision"):


Previous version (still demonstrates the slow-mo feature nicely):


I hope you folks enjoy!



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