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Eden Editor question

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It's been a while since my last posting and I'm getting backing into editing once again.  My question is this: When I go to edit the multiplayer attributes of a mission, I've noticed that in the "incapacitation Mode" that I only have 'basic' and 'advanced' modes for revive.  Is there not a 'realistic' mode?  Was the 'realistic' mode incorporated into the 'advanced' mode'?  Is there a way to get the 'realistic' mode back if it is not incorporated into the 'advanced' mode?


Any info is helpful!

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Basic is the least-harsh preset. Damage received is calculated in the same way as is in vanilla, non-modded Arma 3. The defining difference is that the player will always enter the incapacitated state when they would otherwise be killed.


The Advanced preset uses a new damage calculation system which is built around the unconscious state. The calculation is more harsh in general, and improves effectiveness of lower-caliber weapons.

The new preset highlights are:

Hits to extremities, like are arms or legs, rarely cause immediate death. Instead, they will more-likely trigger the unconscious state

Lower-caliber hits have a much larger effect but, while hits from higher-caliber weapons kill players straight away, lower-caliber hits often "just" trigger incapacitation

Unlike the Basic preset, the Advanced preset allows players to die if massive wounds are inflicted. Standard hits to protected areas usually trigger incapacitation

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