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Unknown Server Issue - Please Help, Getting Desperate!

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Hello everyone on the ARMA 3 forums! Not sure if this is the correct place to post on, but I'm running out of options and hope to solve this issue.

I've been playing on a server called Tactical Realism 2 (hosted by the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment) for a long time. The server utilizes a couple of mods such as ACE, CBA, CUP, etc. For some time now (didn't start this way) I've been randomly booted from the server at different intervals, anything from 2 minutes after getting onto the map to driving down the road 20 minutes later. I simply get the message 'You were kicked from the game', and according to the other players it is a different issue everytime (ranging from ACE-files to Stratis.pbo). I've tried the following solutions:

- Verfiying the game cache.
- Re-installing ARMA and all of the mods.
- Clearing the MPMissionsCache folder.
- Creating a new profile (This worked until I re-logged and came back into the server again).

This issue does not occur on the private 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment servers, nor does it happen on other game-modes such as KOTH and/or Exile.
I've had other players look into the .rpt-files but they have a hard time identifying what the issue might be. My ARMA (and all the mods) are being run from a 750GB SSD with around 189GB of space left, so I don't think it's a hard-drive issue. If anyone here is tech-savvy, I can copy-paste the entire .rpt-log here upon request. 

I beg anyone, please help me! I'm getting desperate!

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