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Pre-loading an Overarching Addon

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I am trying to develop an addon that adds event handlers and other features to all missions without needing to build this functionality into each mission I build. I have been digging through community addons like ACE trying to determine how this is done but nothing stands out. Basically, I want the features I write to always be active similar to how many of the ACE modules activate. 


For instance, the ACE advanced throwing doesn't need to be enabled, it just is. I realize aspects can be disabled by dropping the module in Eden and changing the settings in said module. However, this module doesn't need to be placed to get something like advanced throwing to work.


In digging through the config viewer I have seen things like ``configfile >> "CfgAddons" >> "PreloadAddons"`` but I don't see mention to many ACE features that are automatically activated. 


Can someone advise where in the config.cpp this behavior is defined?

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