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Endless loading screen when trying to connect to my dedicated server

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I've just managed to set up a dedicated server (using TADST) and, after a bit of hassle with port forwarding, it shows up on my gaming PC (on the same local network). However, when I try to connect after entering the password, I get stuck on the next screen: the list of available missions never shows up, nor does a loading bar (at least within a couple of minutes).


I've yet to try with all mods deactivated on the server, which I'm hoping to do later this weekend, but I wanted to ask if 1) there are common fixes to this particular occurrence and 2) there is a useful troubleshooting checklist for people like me that are new to running servers.


Happy to provide .rpt files from either my server PC or my gaming PC, if that helps. Thanks!



Edit: I've tried with all mods deactivated on the server, but nothing changes. Other servers found by Arma 3 load just fine.

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