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Hi folks,

I would like to start a topic about the future of the Royal Marines & what sort of vehicles & weapons they would have in the year 2035 (Arma world). How would they get from Ship to shore? Would they still use landing craft or Airlifted in 2035? What sort of Ship would they operate from (a newer version of HMS Bulwark or one of the new carriers)? Would they still be using the 5.56 cal or will they use a heavier Rnd? What sort of UGV/UAV would they use, if any? Ive seen around the internet they will soon be having or even do have a newer "Viking" vehicle but is it likely they would still use it in 2035 or maybe follow the U.S Marines route & opt for an amphibious 8 wheeled APC that can launch from the mother ship, thus binning the Mk10 landing craft (or maybe the Mk12 by 2035)? As the world is more focused on fighting terrorism at the moment, do you think they will spend more time in Assault boats searching other boats for arms or would that role be given to someone else? Is building a newer LPD a good way to go or is it better to have a multi-role carrier fill the role of the LPD as well? What about if they built a carrier in the future with a well deck (I think its called) to launch land vehicles from or if the Royal Marines of 2035 will launch from the new carriers then is it really practical to airlift their vehicles also? What if the Sky's are not in our control?

I would be happy for anyone interested in this sort of debate to offer their thoughts on the subject & where possible to offer reason why this or why that sort of thing.

I look forward to reading the posts folks

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