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[Linux] Joysticks

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I haven't had any luck to get joysticks to work with the port. I have tried with old analog stick connected to game port, and Steam Controller on another box. Everything else works with SC, except joystick movement. I can map the buttons, stick etc. to keys and mouse, but not as joystick. The analog stick doesn't work at all. The community wiki has this to say:



Unfortunately, Steam’s standard only supports standard Xbox and Windows XInput gamepad schemes. This means that the more sophisticated schemes present in Arma 3, which use DirectInput and allow reconfiguration of gamepads and joysticks in-game, had to be turned off in the ports. It is possible to reconfigure them by modifying the mapping text, but this is not intuitive. Alternatively you can try to remap your keybinding using third-party software (e.g. AntiMicro).


I'm quite not sure what "modifying the mapping text" means. I have configured both with Steam BPM, so SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG is defined, and the logs show  that, but in game joysticks still wont work. Has someone had any luck with analog joystick inputs on the linux port?

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In case some one else has the same issues, something I have found out while battling with the analog joystick:


1. You need to define mapping in SDL2 format either in Steam BPM, SDL2_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG enviroment variable, SDLGamepad.config file in installation direcory, or --eon_gamepad_mapping= command line option, unless you already have a model listed in SDLGamepad.config. Only later evdev API gamepads are supported.

2. Despite what wiki says, remapping buttons and axis in game via Options -menu works.

3. Default bindings are gamepad keys A,B,X,Y for buttons, dpad for POV-hat, left stick for controls, and triggers/shoulderbuttons for thrust/rudder.

4. Joystick doesn't work every time the game is launched, for me atleast.

5. Inverting axis (and maybe other recent additions to SDL2_gamecontrollerdb) via mapping is not supported.


Trying to get the SC to work next.

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