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Task Force Team Six [Recruiting]

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Task Force Team Six - Recruitment


Contact Details ;


Website : tsix.enjin.com

Twitter : @task_six

Teamspeak : TSIX.ts-ip.com

Email : info@taskforceteamsix.com


Recruiter Details ;


Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/benyaman12/

Twitter : @T6BenArcher



My name is Ben Archer, I am currently a 2nd Operator at T6 (However Soon To Be Hopefully A CPL) I am here today to try and give some of you an insight into our Unit, reasons why to join it, and reasons that may interest you too join it.


Operation Dates / Times ;


Thursday : 7PM GMT +0

Saturday : 7PM GMT +0


Why Join Us :  We are a friendly bunch of people, who create custom Mods, and custom missions, we have a custom Ranking structure, however we don't go around calling each other by our ranks, as we feel friendship is more important then domination. We operate at convenient times for most people, and we accept nearly everyone, as long as they meet a few minor requirements.


About Us : Task Force Team Six is a fictional MilSim unit made for Arma. The unit exists out of multiple people from different countries such as The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Israel and other areas around the world. Our goal is to create a multinational Task Force that will act as a global crisis response team meaning that this gives us a wide variety of missions/operations to choose from. From Hostage Rescue to Search and Destroy to Amphibious Assaults we'll be there for all of them and more.


What Do We Do : Our operations are based on scenarios that have/could happen in today's world and are created by our own skilled members meaning that they are all unique to TSIX and you wont find them in any other community. Each operation and campaign that makes it to the unit includes a solid backstory and members of the unit will be given not only a briefing before but also each will have the chance to give an affter action report to get feedback on how future operations could be improved. 

All recruits who join our unit are taken through our basic training that is taught by our dedicated team of instructors. The training will include ACE Interactions and Functions, Infantry Movement such as formations and drills, Close Quarters Combat, Basic Medical Training to help save not only your own lives but also the guy next to you, and much more.

After being apart of the unit for some time as well as showing dedication and commitment to the unit members can be specialized in the different roles in the group such as; Medic, Light Machine Gunner, Marksman, Engineer. The roles that where mentioned are only a few of what members can specialist in and later down the road they could potentially be promoted to have more responsibility within the unit such as their own squads or even training recruits!



If You Feel Like Our Unit Would Suite You, Please Come Stop By For A Chat Or Get A Application Sent In.



Thanks - Ben Archer (2nd Operator / Recruitment Officer @ TSIX)








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