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Text is not appearing in sideRadio command

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Hey, what's up guys?
So the problem is following: I'm using a description.ext to make some Radio dialogues, but the text doesn't type, only numbers. This is the fragment I have in description.ext:
"class mes1
{ name = "mes1"; sound[] = {"sounds\mes-1.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; title = "Я - 0-98ой, начинаю работу.";}"

It all works fine except for the one point - while playing the game Russian letters are not visible. What might be the problem? Even if I switch my game to Russian (as I am playing it in English), the other scripted dialogues which are coming, let's say from units, are typed ok and I can see the letters. But for those messages I created - no way. 
How can I solve it?..

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